Wood workers often like the idea of burning or BRANDING their name or logo onto their work. Branding equipment consists of a heat source (either a Pyrograph or BRANDING IRON) and the actual die or BRAND with the design engraved upon it. The heat source required depends on the size and complexity of the brands. A simple Janik Pyrograph model G4, S1, S2 or S3 can be fitted with the F21 brand holder and the alphabet and numeral brands made to fit that brand holder can be used to burn your name. However this would be a little time consuming as the parts would have to be left to cool before the letter could be changed! A special die or "brand" can be engraved so that the name or logo can be branded in one application. For the larger brands a special Branding Iron like that illustrated above is required. Various models are available depending on the power required and the interchangeability of the dies. Dies are time consuming to make. They can cost anything from around 60 up to 200 or more depending on their size and complexity.

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