S Series and G/G4 POINTS & BRANDS

21 Universal
22 Needle
23 Flat
24 For Velvet
25 For Pyrocarving
26 For Gilding
B21 1mm Ball Point
B22 2mm Ball Point
B23 3mm Ball Point
B24 4mm Ball Point
C23 3mm Circle
C24 4mm Circle
T20 Knife Edge
F20 Fork
P20 Filling In
O20 3mm Oval
O24 4mm Oval
R20 Triangle
D24 Half Circle
E23 3mm Disc
E24 4mm Disc
S20 For Welding
S32 For Engraving
F21 Brand Holder

Pictured above are all of the points available for the S Series Pyrographs (also the G & G4). The brand holder (F21) is for fitting numerals, letters, or the 12 "brands" (see below).

PYROCUTTER (for cutting polystyrene)

For polystyrene cutting Janik supply 2 versions of the pyrocutter which both operate at 12 volts. The battery model is designed to be used with a 4.5 volt flat battery (e.g. Ever Ready 1289) and the transformer model is designed to plug into any S Series or G4 transformer (the H Series or G4HW are unsuitable). They are activated by pulling a trigger on the handle. The special wire (supplied) then heats up sufficiently to cut polystyrene or foam. The wire is easily changed, tubes of spare wire being available in both light and heavy gauges.


The G4HW uses nichrome wire which is available in 2 thicknesses or gauges, standard 23 swg (standard wire gauge) and fine 25 swg. Standard 23 swg is available preformed on cards of 3, in 2 metre coils or in reels. Fine 25 swg is only available in reels.

A special "spoon" point for shading (one comes with the machine) is available in cards of 2 (see below): -


Spoon Point